January 27, 2017

Festival Success and Congratulations to Dr Cindy Lin

Nundah Festival Success

Thank you to everyone who came and spent their Sunday at the recent Nundah Village Street Festival. The donations from the Cup and Saucer ride were donated to the Nundah Community Co-Operative Enterprise. We raised over $500 and the money raised with help the staff at Espresso Train get their food truck up and running. The Food tuck aims to provide employment opportunities for refugees, the disabled and those suffering from mental illness.

Congratulations Dr Cindy

In early October Dr Cindy Lin and husband Kan welcomed a healthy little baby girl Jasmine into the world. Cindy is currently on maternity leave and enjoying some cuddles with Jasmine. While she is on leave if you need an appointment for a routine examination or emergency toothache give our reception team a call. All of the dentist will be able to help you out with your treatment while Cindy is on leave and they have access to all of your previous history with Cindy.