How to use teeth whitening trays

Independent research has shown home bleaching to be a safe predictable way to whiten your teeth by wearing special whitening trays loaded with a whitening agent. At Nundah Village Dental we offer options of overnight or during the day home-bleaching depending on your specific needs, and laser bleaching which is performed in office. The at home treatment that we use is a mild peroxide based bleaching agent in a glycerol base.  Carbamide Peroxide has been used for dental whitening since the 1980’s and research shows it to be safe and effective.  Laser bleaching is better for an immediate effect as it is fast, safe and causes minimal sensitivity, but at a higher cost.


Things to Know
• Keep the trays away from heat and pets
• Check trays for fit and report any discomfort when you first try them
• If you experience any gum irritation let us know – the trays may need adjusting before continuing with the bleaching process and you may be required to bring them in for a short appointment
• Wait 20-30 minutes after brushing before bleaching to reduce irritation to the gums.
• Make sure the trays are dry before use, if they are wet the bleach will not stick inside the trays

What to Do

• Place a match-head amount of gel in each tooth recess of the tray towards the front (see video).
• When the tray is inserted, no excess gel should squeeze out onto the gums (a tube should last about 5 days)
• After inserting the tray gently press the tray in at the gums to create a seal
• Do not wear for more than 1 hour the first time, allowing you to check for any allergy or sensitivity reactions.

How long do I need to wear the trays for?

The trays are worn according to the type of gel given to you:
• Boutique Night White 10% Carbamide Peroxide is worn overnight
• Boutique Night White 16% Carbamide Peroxide is worn for a minimum 4 hours or overnight
• Boutique Day White 6% Hydrogen Peroxide is worn for 60-90 minutes per day
• Boutique Day White 9% Hydrogen Peroxide is worn for 30-60 minutes per day

The final outcome of each of these treatments is the same. You will be provided with the product that we feel best suits your needs and teeth.

How do I store and clean my trays?

• Wash the guard with cool water and your toothbrush after use. Avoid using toothpaste as this can abrade the tray surface – if needed try dish or hand soap
• Leave them upside down on your basin or bench to dry out – make sure it’s a safe place away from heat and pets
• The trays can be stored in the case provided once they are dry

Whitening Information

• Whitening should be continued usually for 2-4 weeks
• Once all the teeth have reached the same even colour this is your ‘whiteness potential’
• Look at your ‘eye teeth’ and they should be the same as your front teeth
• Further whitening will have a limited effect and quickly relapse to your whiteness potential.
• The only way to whiten beyond your potential is with veneers
• The areas on the gumline also take longer and may always remain slightly darker than the rest of the tooth
• For best results it is advised to avoid smoking, coffee, tea and red wine during the whitening process
• White flecks may appear on your teeth due to dehydration of the tooth surface. Existing white spots may also worsen initially but will usually even out over time. It is important to keep whitening through this period to lift the base shade of the tooth.

Mild sensitivity to cold liquids or air is a common side effect of tooth whitening. This usually passes a few days after treatment starts so perseverance may be required and we recommend use of a sensitive toothpaste during the process. If sensitivity is severe contact our office as there are other solutions we can offer.