About our payment options

Payment Options

Maintaining and improving your oral health can prove to be a little financially daunting at times. That’s why at Nundah Village Dental, we have a range of payment options available to assist you in getting the dental treatment your dentist has recommended, sooner.

What types of payment plans do Nundah Village Dental offer?

DentiCare Provider Toolkit


Dental Payment Plans
  • $2000-$8000
  • 20% Deposit
  • No Interest

Payment Plans

Enter your description
  • $250- $2000
  • No deposit
  • No Interest


Affordable care through Super
  • Access your Super
  • Fund your treatment
  • Simple application process

TLC Finance

Care sooner and pay in instalments
  • Approval in 24 hours
  • up to 84 weeks to pay off
  • $2001- $50000

About Affordable Care

Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme and Veterans Affairs Patients welcome. 

For those not eligible for bulk-billing, we endeavour to keep our treatment as affordable as possible and charge fees within the medium range of Australian dental practices.

We offer highly discounted rates for children under 12 years and medium discounts for adolescents 12 to 18 years.  

The most effective way to reduce the cost of dentistry over a lifetime is regular preventive care – usually a twice yearly check and clean.  If you are required to return for treatment this will be quoted to you through a treatment plan.

We stand behind the quality of our work and aim for longevity.  

Some people understandably just want a filling in a tooth and to get out the door.  But will that filling last 2 years or 20 years?

Our Dentists see an average of 8 to 10 patients per day.

Some preferred providers or low cost dentists see twice that number.  While we believe these Dentists may provide quality care, we do not believe that it is possible to do this consistently.

Does your Dentist explain your options, and the consequences of care?

What is the long term cost of poor quality Dentistry or advice?  We aim to help our patients achieve dental health for life and have many patients in their 80’s and 90’s enjoying their food with healthy functional mouths, and we know the life changing effects good teeth can provide.  This means using the best materials and techniques available to us.

It means spending the time to show people how to avoid problems and customise their care. It means working in a friendly peaceful environment rather than rushing. It means providing warranties and being there for our patients.   It means spending the time to focus on preventive care.   It is for these reasons we are not affiliated to any health insurance organisation as preferred providers. we are a member of the Independent Dentist Network

Beware of hidden costs.

Over the years, some of our patients have gone elsewhere for a ‘No Gap’ examination only to be advised they need thousands of dollars of work done.

On returning to us investigation revealed no problems and no treatment required.  While others may focus on profit first, we focus on the patient first. We invest in ourselves, and we invest in doing things right.  We have patients referred to us based on the knowledge and peace of mind that when you come to Nundah Village Dental you won’t be getting treatments that you don’t need or aren’t necessary.

Does your Dentist make your safety their priority?

Nundah Village Dental has adopted a policy of single use of endodontic files (or root canal treatment files) for your safety.  While there are protocols for cleaning, sterilising, and reusing endodontic instruments, it is difficult to get consistency in results from these procedures.  Several government agencies around the world now recommend the single use of endodontic files due to concerns that if re-used they may act as vehicle for disease transmission. Single use also greatly reduces the risk of these files breaking off inside of your tooth.

This policy has resulted in a considerable proportion of root canal treatment costs going towards single use precision instruments.  This is the standard of care we would we like used in our own mouths and so we hope our patients understand that this higher cost helps us deliver safer and better outcomes.

We have peace of mind by adopting the highest standard available.  We believe our fees accurately reflect the expense incurred in providing such care.

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Your health fund claims are processed here electronically. We accept cash, cheque, credit cards, or EFTPOS.  As a courtesy to our patients with families, adolescents and children are treated at a reduced fee. For children we recommend beginning dental visits from 2 years of age.

Appointment confirmation

In order for us to provide all of our patients timely dental services we require at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations or a fee may be charged.  As a courtesy you will receive a phone call or SMS reminder 1 – 2 days before your appointment. If you wish to change your appointment please contact our reception on 3260 6200.