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Implants miller before Implants miller after

Dental Implants to replace Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth with fixed implants let her chew with confidence and restore her smile.
NNN Veeners a Kelly after

NNN Ceramic Veneers

A life changing smile! Discoloured and worn teeth corrected with beautifully translucent and natural looking porcelain veneers
CerecCrowns (2) CerecCrowns (1)

Single Visit Replacement of Old Crowns

This patients primary concern was the darkness and staining along the gum lines.
implant a implant b

Implant retained Denture

Failed teeth were replaced using implants and a denture that is not removable
Porcelain Veneers Old Porcelain Veneers New

Porcelain Veneers Replacement

Replacement of old porcelain veneers with new ceramic veneers for aesthetics
Worn-Teeth Gum-Lift-Crowns

Gum Lift and Crowns

Teeth were ground down over many years of function, and as they wore they continued to erupt creating short teeth. The wear is also uneven and sloped from left to right
Implantt Upper Teeth before Implantt Upper Teeth After

All on X Implant Denture

Replacing top teeth with a fixed permanent solution
Implant Space ????????????????????????????????????

Single Missing Tooth Implant

Replacing a missing tooth with a fixed dental inplant
Missing Teeth NVD Implant Denture NVD

Full Mouth Implant Restoration

Replacement of dentures with full arch all on x implant retained restoration creates a fixed permanent smile
Diastemma Before Diastemma after

Fixing Gap between Teeth with Bonding

A space between teeth called a diastema is very common, but this young woman preferred a more complete smile. 
DSC_001 DSC_0001

Resin Bonding

This patient had slowly worn away her front teeth on her left hand side. Once the hard enamel is worn down the softer dentine in teeth wears much faster leading to an uneven smile. 
Veneers Before Veneers After

Ceramic Crowns and Veneers

After many years at Nundah Village Dental this gentleman decided it was time to improve the appearance of his teeth.
Clear Aligner Before Clear Aligner after

Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Straightening teeth with removable clear aligners to get the smile you’re after
Bridge with Ceramic Crowns DSC_0056a1

Bridge with Ceramic Crowns

This lady had an unattractive smile due to congenitally missing teeth. The old denture kept breaking because the plastic was wearing down against the bottom teeth.
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Resin Filling Tooth Reshaping

The image shows repair of multiple teeth all done in one appointment. 
24 23

Bleach, Bond and Crown

A relatively simple case with 2 premolars cracking and at risk of splitting.