All on X Implant Denture

Replacing top teeth with a fixed permanent solution

Implantt Upper Teeth before Implantt Upper Teeth After

This patient had suffered through ongoing deterioration of his teeth from decay and cracking and finally the upper teeth and removable denture had become terminal.  As he had very successfully replaced some lower back teeth with implants it was an easy decision for him to consider replacing all of his top teeth with an implant retained restoration.  The remaining teeth were removed and multiple implants were placed in the jaw.  Rather than replacing each tooth with an implant, one single restoration was screwed onto the implants.  This is similar to a concept of minimal implants for maximum benefit known as All on Four however we used multiple implants in this case.

The patient was thrilled to have a cosmetic smile and no concerns of a loose upper denture while enjoying chewing his favourite foods.

Case by Dr Raghed Bashour at Nundah Village Dental.

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