Teeth Whitening on Brisbane’s Northside.

There are two main ways to effectively whiten your teeth without veneers: Laser Bleaching and At Home Bleaching.

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Dr Bashour

Brisbane Cosmetic and Implant Dentist

Dr Bashour is a highly acclaimed cosmetic and implant dentist. He has performed over 1500 procedures and has lectured internationally on laser dentistry.

“Many people come in wanting to know the options available, clarity on what is involved. People want to find an experienced person to do the work in the gentlest way possible.”

Dr Bashour

Biolase Laser Whitening

CEREC patient

Laser teeth whitening is the most advanced technique available offering an immediate effect for whiter brighter teeth.   The use of a laser can achieve a deeper penetration of the whitening action.  Most other traditional ‘dental light’ in house methods that do not use a true Laser but instead use LED lights to activate an acidic gel (ZOOM).  These acids can damage the tooth enamel and the lights heat the teeth leading to high sensitivity and discomfort.  Because a laser is faster, doesn’t heat as it penetrates,  and uses less acidic gels there is no damage to the tooth enamel and usually patients experience minimal sensitivity.

At home whitening takes much longer over a period of a couple of weeks but is also a successful way to whiten your teeth.  We use Boutique Whitening for at home whitening both for top-ups after Laser whitening, and for stand alone at home whitening.

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