January 30, 2017

Why we aren’t Preferred Providers

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Why are we different from preferred provider practices?

Preferred is simply a term used by Health Insurers to say that dentist has agreed to treat their fund members at a specific price.  Basically it is the funds trying to maximise their profits.  Some health funds will pay a preferred provider more of a rebate than for the same service to a regular dentist to make the gap appear even more apparent.  We can’t provide quality service and guarantee the longevity of our work by charging the reduced fees that Health Funds offer.  Remember that these are Insurance companies trying to make shareholder profit.

The ADA has a Health Fund Comparison Tool called Time2Switch to let you see how your health fund compares: https://www.ada.org.au/time2switch/home

We care about quality and long lasting results.  We use the best materials that go into your mouth.  We stand by our work.  Our dentists undergo regular updates to their training.  We use best practice infection control.  We are not under-staffed so we are not rushed, tired, or inattentive to your needs.  We keep multiple emergency spots open in our books every single day so when emergencies arise we can see you promptly.  If you get our dentists business card on arrival you will have their after hours number for 24 hour emergency contact if required.

Would you buy a half priced parachute on ebay?  Quality is essential for your health as there are no second chances.  Don’t gamble with your health.

Which dental work would you prefer – the left or the right?

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