May 18, 2016

Winter Tooth Sensitivity

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Has the cooler winter weather made you aware of an ache or pain in a tooth?

With the cooler air we often hear from many more patients suffering from tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity is usually the first sign that something is not quite right with a tooth and it can due to a number of reasons. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the dentine of your tooth becomes exposed and starts to react to hot and cold foods and drinks, cold air, sweets and acidic foods. There can be many reasons the dentine has become exposed a lost filling, cracked tooth or from clenching or grinding your teeth. Each case of tooth sensitivity can often require very different treatments so it is always best to contact your dentist as soon as you notice something is wrong.

What can you do to help until you see your dentist?

  • reduce the amount of hot and cold foods you consume. Really hot tea and coffee, or cold drinks will make your pain worse.
  • avoid acidic foods like lemons, vinegar, wine and tomatoes frequently consuming these can cause damage to the enamel which protects the dentine
  • use a soft toothbrush and don’t over brush. This will help protect your enamel
  • Try a sensitive toothpaste. They will not cure a toothache but can help cover mircoscopic defects in the enamel shielding the exposed dentine.


Remember at Nundah Village Dental we have emergency appointments available daily and you should always contact your dentist at the first sign of a problem.