Privacy policy


We Respect your Privacy.  At our Dental Practice, one of our foremost legal responsibilities is to ensure that the information we collect from our patients is secure. It is kept in the highest confidence by all of our staff.  All staff are instructed on the importance of this

What information we collect.  This information includes everything from basic personal details such as addresses and phone numbers, date of birth and other personal identifying information through to past treatment information and information about any current information about and dental and medical problems that are relevant to dental care we will provide.

As a patient of our practice your file will include all the above information and details of any current and past treatment provided within our practice with details of any current and past financial transactions made within our practice.

This information will be stored within a specialised dental practice programme and whenever possible the paper copies of any records are destroyed by shredding after being scanned to our programme

What we do with this information. This information will only be used to correctly identify you within our practice and to provide the highest standards of dental care. We will use this information for internal record keeping and we may use this information to review and improve our standards of patient care.

Security.  We have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure this information cannot be accessed, read, modified or deleted by persons unauthorised by the practice. This includes the use of IT specialists to review and monitor our data security and back up proceedures.

Sending your records Elsewhere.  With your verbal or written consent we will transmit any clinical records that are required by specialist or other health providers to continue your dental or medical care.  These records will be sent by letter or Email as required.

Accessing your Records.  We are pleased to allow you access to your records at any time on request.  This may involve showing you the information at the practice or copying the information for you as soon as we are able.  We will only release this when we have checked that this request has come from you and not an unauthorised third party.  No charge will be made for the release of these records.