May 18, 2016

What Pills?

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Your medical history and medication history are so important for us to know how to treat you.  Many people skim over their medication when filling in forms or find it difficult to remember everything they are taking.  This is especially true for over the counter medications.  Obvious medications like blood pressure or blood thinning medications can have a safety factor if people need local anaesthetics, but many people forget things like fish oil that thins out your blood, or painkillers like Nurofen reacting with other medications.  Some medications dry your mouth and increase risks of tooth decay, or causes burning of this tongue.

At Nundah Village Dental we want to keep you safe.  By giving us as much detail about your medical conditions and medications, it allows us to do exactly that.  If you can, write down everything and bring it to your appointment to keep your information up to date.  If you have a regular pharmacist they are also able to compile this information for you and are happy to do it.

We aim to keep the highest of standards for our patients safety and provide the best dental advice.